Monday, March 31, 2014

Living Longer

Should scientists try to help people age so we can live longer lives? Why?

I don't think they should, I feel that if we keep coming out with new stuff to make us live longer it will make the population of the world too high and it may over populate the world. I think if we keep coming out with medicines that's okay but there shouldn't be something that makes an 85 year old person live even longer.

How long would you live, if you could choose your life span?

I would live to around 75-80 because after that you can't do much. Health problems get in the way of being able to socialize and be a part of society and that's not healthy for us humans.

What would be the benefits if scientists came out with something to make our lives radically longer. 

The upside to this is it gives people more chances to do stuff they've wanted to do all of their lives. It would also gone people second chances at things that they may have messed up on in their past. 

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