Monday, March 31, 2014

Living Longer

Should scientists try to help people age so we can live longer lives? Why?

I don't think they should, I feel that if we keep coming out with new stuff to make us live longer it will make the population of the world too high and it may over populate the world. I think if we keep coming out with medicines that's okay but there shouldn't be something that makes an 85 year old person live even longer.

How long would you live, if you could choose your life span?

I would live to around 75-80 because after that you can't do much. Health problems get in the way of being able to socialize and be a part of society and that's not healthy for us humans.

What would be the benefits if scientists came out with something to make our lives radically longer. 

The upside to this is it gives people more chances to do stuff they've wanted to do all of their lives. It would also gone people second chances at things that they may have messed up on in their past. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Persuasive Commercial Post

In this day and age there are a lot of ways you can be persuaded by the media and things around you. We see tv ads, newspaper ads and even things graffitied onto the side of a building. Big events such as the Super Bowl and the Grammy's have commercials that are made for that event and are made to grab your attention and buy their product. Adertisements that have stuck with me through out the last couple of years are the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horse and the horses owner. This is memorable because of how they repeat the same concept year after year drilling it into your head. What makes an advertisement memorable is the amount of comedy involved or how new and improved your product is. For example when Apple shows a commercial about their new iPhone it shows all of the best features and they do it in a cool way. Advertisements definitely have an impact on the things I buy or want. Mercedes Benz commercials always make me want a Mercedes, who doesn't want a Mercedes but the commercials definitely make you want it more.

Monday, March 10, 2014


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Belief Statement
These days people are always trying to make other people happy. A quote I live by is "Make yourself happy before making others happy." Not enough people know how to do this; their whole life they have lived to get positive attention from other people. There have been plenty of times that I have gone by this quote. In breaking up with girls, playing certain sports, and my friends.
In 7th grade I was between playing lacrosse for the first time and playing baseball for my sixth year in a row. I was always asked to play lacrosse but never really thought of trying it. After a boring experience in baseball I was almost positive I was going to play lacrosse. My friends from past years of baseball really tried to get me to play again. Baseball and lacrosse are a sport rivalry, like the more common one football and soccer. To baseball players going from baseball to lacrosse was like going to the dark side. Even though there was a lot of peer pressure to play baseball, I pushed that aside and did what would make me happy. Making that choice took me to where I am now: potentially starting at middy or attack on varsity. I'd say I made the right choice. 
When I decided to play football, I thought about that quote. When you're young you have a lot of options with what you want to play . I played soccer for a year in kindergarten and did well, but didn't like it. I switched to football and loved it from the first day. I played tight end my first year, then played quarterback from 4th grade to now. Everything about the sport and my position I love. I can't wait for the next two years of my football career.
There are plenty of more things I've done that apply to my belief but those are my two examples I chose and the two I think I was most satisfied with in the long run. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Culture #3

Culture quote 1: "They'd hear confusion. Frustration. Even some anger. 

This quote reminds me of the way people are in this day and age. A lot of people are angry all the time because of what happens in their lives.

Quote 2: "I shake my head and reach for my wallet. "No I'll pay"

This happens a lot with my family when my grandparents eat with us. They want to pay but my parents try and fight back and be polite but my grandparents usually end up playing.

Quote 3: "The kisses felt like first kisses."

People still have feelings and some people find people that completely wipe their mind of their last girl/boyfriend.