Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fear of the Mind

I can't remember the last time I was truly scared of something that could actually be classified as something really scary. A physical symptom of someone that is scared is that they are shacking and or crying. They could even be throwing up from a lot of fear. An example of this fear would be being in war and seeing people ahead of you dying and you knowing you have to risk your own life and maybe even end it. Extreme fear in sports make you unable to think and register your actions making you more apt to messing up or not going as hard as possible. I can imagine that you could be seeing or hearing things and seeing things. One thing is like being in a "haunted house" or if your friend is sneaking up on you. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Success MacBeth

My definition of success is being able to finish something that you put work into and you complete in flying colors. You can be successful in many ways, things like winning a state championship in a high school sport or doing well on a test. Success varies from person to person. The way I would judge if poeple are successful is if they are happy or well off in life I think they have had success in life. And if there is a person that just drinks beer and smokes cigarettes all day they aren't as successful as the others. It will vary from person to person. Especially if that person is successful or not.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Living Longer

Should scientists try to help people age so we can live longer lives? Why?

I don't think they should, I feel that if we keep coming out with new stuff to make us live longer it will make the population of the world too high and it may over populate the world. I think if we keep coming out with medicines that's okay but there shouldn't be something that makes an 85 year old person live even longer.

How long would you live, if you could choose your life span?

I would live to around 75-80 because after that you can't do much. Health problems get in the way of being able to socialize and be a part of society and that's not healthy for us humans.

What would be the benefits if scientists came out with something to make our lives radically longer. 

The upside to this is it gives people more chances to do stuff they've wanted to do all of their lives. It would also gone people second chances at things that they may have messed up on in their past. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Persuasive Commercial Post

In this day and age there are a lot of ways you can be persuaded by the media and things around you. We see tv ads, newspaper ads and even things graffitied onto the side of a building. Big events such as the Super Bowl and the Grammy's have commercials that are made for that event and are made to grab your attention and buy their product. Adertisements that have stuck with me through out the last couple of years are the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horse and the horses owner. This is memorable because of how they repeat the same concept year after year drilling it into your head. What makes an advertisement memorable is the amount of comedy involved or how new and improved your product is. For example when Apple shows a commercial about their new iPhone it shows all of the best features and they do it in a cool way. Advertisements definitely have an impact on the things I buy or want. Mercedes Benz commercials always make me want a Mercedes, who doesn't want a Mercedes but the commercials definitely make you want it more.

Monday, March 10, 2014


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Belief Statement
These days people are always trying to make other people happy. A quote I live by is "Make yourself happy before making others happy." Not enough people know how to do this; their whole life they have lived to get positive attention from other people. There have been plenty of times that I have gone by this quote. In breaking up with girls, playing certain sports, and my friends.
In 7th grade I was between playing lacrosse for the first time and playing baseball for my sixth year in a row. I was always asked to play lacrosse but never really thought of trying it. After a boring experience in baseball I was almost positive I was going to play lacrosse. My friends from past years of baseball really tried to get me to play again. Baseball and lacrosse are a sport rivalry, like the more common one football and soccer. To baseball players going from baseball to lacrosse was like going to the dark side. Even though there was a lot of peer pressure to play baseball, I pushed that aside and did what would make me happy. Making that choice took me to where I am now: potentially starting at middy or attack on varsity. I'd say I made the right choice. 
When I decided to play football, I thought about that quote. When you're young you have a lot of options with what you want to play . I played soccer for a year in kindergarten and did well, but didn't like it. I switched to football and loved it from the first day. I played tight end my first year, then played quarterback from 4th grade to now. Everything about the sport and my position I love. I can't wait for the next two years of my football career.
There are plenty of more things I've done that apply to my belief but those are my two examples I chose and the two I think I was most satisfied with in the long run. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Culture #3

Culture quote 1: "They'd hear confusion. Frustration. Even some anger. 

This quote reminds me of the way people are in this day and age. A lot of people are angry all the time because of what happens in their lives.

Quote 2: "I shake my head and reach for my wallet. "No I'll pay"

This happens a lot with my family when my grandparents eat with us. They want to pay but my parents try and fight back and be polite but my grandparents usually end up playing.

Quote 3: "The kisses felt like first kisses."

People still have feelings and some people find people that completely wipe their mind of their last girl/boyfriend.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The First Week Back

  • Identify a problem you have had in your writing this week and talk about what you will do next to try to solve it.

This week in my writing I had a big problem. I wasn't able to conduct ideas as well as I usually can for my writing. A big problem I had is that it's our first week back from vacation and it's really hard to get anything done in that first week, for example, finding ideas to write about. Next week will be easier for me because I will be back in the swing of things. It won't be as much of an effort thing to get back into it as it will be a re-adaptation. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Voice in writing is very important to make good writing. It helps a reader understand more about the emotions and how the character acts thought a story. My writing voice is usually pretty sad because I write stories that are about devastation. It comes through a little but in some parts. I feel joule help if I could do more dialogue because that helps readers get a better understanding. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia entry


Horses sound fun and sound cute but owing 2 of them is a lot of work. Especially when your mom expects you to take care of them it makes you hate all animals. Well, for me at least.


Sports are a love hate type of thing. When you play well you love it, when you suck you hate it. It's easier to hate but loving your sports is an amazing thing. 


Vacation is vacation, who doesn't love it. Any vacation has endless possibilities for what you can do. I've been places like Utah, Puerto Rico, Florida, Colorado and New York. And soon, Costa Rica.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twitter Bio

Born in Long Island, New York, brought to Freeport, Maine at the age of 7. I've been playing football from the young years of my life and I brought basketball into my life in the 6th grade. ASO FOR LIFE BB. Jake Todd, Zach Owen band members. Legends in the making. No gigs yet but we comin straight atcha. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Semester Reflection

This year in English has been pretty good overall. I think I've learned a lot more about grammar and especially how important it is to go to the writing center. I haven't used the writing center for English yet but I plan on it in the future. I used it in western studies and it helped my grade a lot. Some of my strengths this year is the quality of my writing and how I end my writers crafts. Some of my weaknesses in English this year is my mechanics because I am notorious for losing a lot of my points on mechanics errors throughout my writing. 
The writing pieces I chose for my final blog portfolio is the things I feel I did the best on. The first one I chose was my writers craft about WWIII. I chose this piece because I liked the way that it ended. It's about a guy that is trapped in his home in San Diego and after an alien invasion he is taken to Nebraska where there is another attack. There are a couple weaknesses along with the strengths of this piece like when I cut straight to him getting out of the fallout shelter. I could've gave some specific things that he did in the shelter but the 500 word limit cut me short of what I wanted to write. The other piece I used was my book talk video. I chose the video mainly because at the beginning of the year Ms. Leavitt said how good it was. I did this piece to follow up my summer assignment. It was a little awkward talking to myself and I think that was one of the weaknesses. That being that I wasn't really as comfortable talking to a screen as I am when I talk one on one. The final piece I added to this online portfolio was my Critical Lense Essay. I put that there because I did better than usual on the mechanics than I usually do. That was surprising though because it was early in the year and I wonder if I'm getting worse at grammar and mechanics or I'm just using harder stuff in my pieces at I can't recognize. 
My writing goals at the beginning of the year were a lot about grammar, spelling and mechanics in general. We hadn't done much with grammar this year but we did do the stuff about clauses. I didn't do to well on the quiz but I definitely got something out of it and will try to put that towards my writing to make it better. 
Overall this semester went well. I really enjoyed doing writers crafts because it lets us show how creative we can be and according to the person the prompts can go anywhere. The only thing I want to do the next semester is less reading and more writing. Poetry would be nice too because I like how free and creative you can be. Whatever is in store for English next semester will be great.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Talk "Lord of the Flies"


This is a link to my book talk on Lord of the Flies

WWIII "Writers Craft"


I heard a siren over head and didn't know what to think. I was watching tv home alone. When the siren went off static came on to the tv and thirty seconds later, which was the longest thirty seconds of my life, a news reporter came on the tv and said, "Please evacuate to local fallout shelters. This is not a drill. This is NOT a drill." I was scared to death. While I looked out my kitchen window across the street the sunny view slowly turned to a smog over what was once sunny San Diego. A bright orange then came in after and flashed as buildings exploded in the distance. I turned and ran for the fallout shelter in my basement and hid there for a couple hours.
About 6 hours had passed and I was waiting for the siren to sound again. I decided to steadily walk out into my house. When I opened the door into my house I couldn't believe my eyes. Everything was obliterated and turned to dust. The only thing standing in my house was my kitchen table. Everything else was gone. I stepped out even more noticing the city and everything along with it, was gone. No people, animals, cars, nothing. I wondered what could have happened here. No ordinary bomb could do this much damage. This was damage that not even the nuke over Japan could have created. In short time I saw people crawling out of shelters with dust and blackness all over them. As everyone looked up, I looked up. A United States rescue helicopter landed directly in the middle of the road. I ran to the rope ladder and climbed the short way to the seats. A US General told me they were bringing me toa camp in Nebraska along with others from this disaster. As others piled in we went over what was San Diego only 6 hours ago and now is just a pile of ruble. 
We landed in Nebraska at the camp where people had planted themselves and their families after the demolition of the west coast. There was a small TV in the corner of the room where everyone was huddled around it. I quickly walked to the group and was looking through the large group. The tv was a news broadcast about what had happened just the day before. Dramatic pictures flashed on and off the screen being interrupted by the same static that happened at my house. It came back on and I was astonished by the wreckage of my home city. San Diego was ruined. I looked out the window to see more people coming into the building. And out of no where the sky turned dark. Ruble from the helicopter was falling from the sky. The propeller came down in a blazing fire right next to the line of civilians. I looked up and the pilot dropped out of the sky hitting the ground so hard he sunk into the wet farmland. I walked out into the storm and the middle of the sky opened up like an eye and a futuristic spacecraft dropped out of the clouds and came to a screeching stop before landing on the safe house. I then saw a beam of light come from the bottom and a black sphere fell from the spacecraft. I saw it blinking and I ran for what looked like a tractor in the distance. It blew up inside the camp walls letting me escape from near death.

Critical Lense

       "Sometimes people are born with disabilities, but it's communities that handicap them." This is a sad, but true quote made by some one anonymous. There are plenty of extremely famous people in the world that have become very successful and are know worldwide. Examples being, Adrian Lamo, an American computer hacker using his skills to help America. Also two very famous people in Bill Gates and Marilyn Monroe have been accused of having Aspergers that are still remembered and known by many. Lastly I will discuss what there potential really is. For example that computer hacker has always had his own love for computers and technology and decided to put his favorite skill to work and become a superstar in the hacking business.
Everyone has disabilities. Even the most famous to semi famous people have disorders most of them having Aspergers. Aspergers is a disorder were your brain functions a little differently may cause awkwardness in social situations or may cause you to lash out in random times. There is always something that a person with Aspergers is able to better than most people without practice. For example Adrian Lamo who is an American computer hacker known by many in the industry. Knowing that he has Aspergers tells us that he is especially good at something. And In this case, it's hacking. Hacking is an extremely hard thing to do. You need years of training and hard work to make it pay off in the end. Obviously his love for hacking helped him achieve what he wanted in life. There are others that haven't been declared with Aspergers but some believe they have the disorder. For example Bill Gates, one of the richest people on earth. If this is all true you know the sky is the limit for people with disorders.
Now what is holding these people back? Other people with no knowledge of the disorder. It happens in the book we just finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. When the dad gets angry and doubts his son Christopher throughout the book, like when he goes off on him at the tub and makes him cry. Chris is a boy with Asperger's syndrome and has a very different thinking process and way of action when around people that he doesn't know. He has had a bad experience with his own father. This leads to him not trusting people and people not trusting him. At the beginning of his Wellington investigation he went to a lot of houses looking for info he didn't have. People would shut him down or turn him away and make him not feel confident. "That's along with how his father lied to him and didn't treat him with full respect. Sometimes when I want to be on my own I get into the airing cupboard in the bathroom and slide in beside the boiler and pull the door behind me and sit there and think for hours and it makes me feel very calm." (Unknown page) This quote goes along with what's happening in this paragraph with hi being awkward and it gives reasons for people to push him aside. Also in the real world it's happening all day everyday. In school, work and on the streets people are being degraded for their disorders. This brings self esteem down and doesn't let them follow what they want to do with their dreams.
Anyone on this earth has potential. Potential to be great at something comes from you loving that thing. But in this world people hinder others that have a disability. Especially with Aspergers we know that there is hidden potential. For example, like Christopher in the book when he uses numbers to see how his day will go and when he counts cows on the train to make him more comfortable. He also mentions at the beginning he knows all of the prime numbers up to 7,000. This is obviously telling he likes math and math has never done any wrong to him so he will act happy to do math. It all connects with when he wanted to find out who killed Wellington, he loves solving problems and mystery so this is right up his alley.
These three short paragraphs all talk about the greatness that can come with a disorder. There is always an upside and we need to give all of them a chance. A quote from the book that represents his differences is, "It was nice in the police cell." (Unknown page) Chris says this because of his love for being in an inclosed space, alone and in a familiar situation.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blog #5

This week alone I've made really great improvements on my writing and have gotten closer to some of my writing goals. One of them being that I got a lot better at using grammar. I went to the writing center a couple weeks ago for a western paper and it helped me tell what a good thing the writing center was. It helped a lot with spelling, grammar and awkward sentences. It helps you're overall grade and helps you understand how to detect what you did wrong in your piece. This helped me find stuff in my paper and will help me down the road.