Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Writing Progress

  • Have you made any progress toward reaching one of your writing goals?

In the last couple weeks my writing goals from a couple weeks ago are being fulfilled. Some of these goals were to use better vocabulary, better grammar and better sentence structure. I think in all of these I have made a little bit of progress on reaching these goals. First, I think my use of good vocabulary is what has grown the most. What has helped me in the last couple of weeks with this is doing the vocabulary lists. It's helped me discover new words and has made me feel better eabiut my writing. The one I have had the least amount of growth is better grammar. My grammar has stayed somewhat the same since my last blog post. I'm not really sure what would help with this but I think looking back at stuff from last years English would help me out a lot.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Problems in my writing

  • Identify a problem you have had in your writing this week and talk about what you will do next to try to solve it.

                  A problem I have found in my writing this week is using good language and better punctuation. I feel like I need to use better vocabulary, for example if I want to use the word happy I could use the word overjoyed. I feel like adding good vocabulary also brings out good voice and makes the story more interesting. By adding better punctuation you can have your piece flow better and it's easier for the reader to enjoy the writing. An example of a piece I feel could have better punctuation was my last writers craft. I felt like it was really good and I liked it a lot but I think the punctuation could have been a little better.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog post #2

Question: Identify a problem you had in your writing lately and talk about what you will do next to try and solve it. 

So far this year we haven't done much writing at all for English. But in other classes I have done plenty of writing for other classes. So far this year I think my problem from last year has carried over and been the same for a number of years. Using enough punctuation. I feel that in a lot of my writing I should use more punctuation like commas and semicolons. I think this because of how my writing everyone in a while does not flow. And the adding of punctuation and other things would be a great thing for my writing. What I will do to solve my problem is to learn more about them and be able to execute them right.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Writing goals

 This year in English 10 I would like to be better at adding detail that makes a reader want to read further into my story. For this particular goal I think I could look up better words in a thesaurus and use better words that convey better meanings and get the reader into the writing more. Another goal would be to write poems or stories with more writing that are a longer than what I usually do. I could complete this goal by writing more in depth paragraphs that set the scene better. My last goal for writing this year is to make my poems flow better and look and sound more like a poem. The way I could do this is use poetry devices to my advantage.